So Begins a New Chapter in Our Life

The beginning of a new way of life for us begins. After 47 years of working I have officially retired from my everyday job and will begin again with my wife Linda. For so long I have worked for someone else, spent more time with my job than at home, worked to get all those toys I thought I needed now sitting in the closet or garage.

Now begins days without a set beginning or end, days that all seem to be a Saturday, days I no longer have a schedule to run and maintain. Worries I had are gone but new one's are made, "Did I retire to early", "Will all be OK?", "What if I cannot do this". 

So many things change once you retire but one of the biggest things that change to me is how and what you do from here on out. Meaning for years I had nothing to do but maintain an Income to pay for all the needs of the Family. For years it was thinking and planning weekends, days off, holidays and vacations for the family and later in years for the wife and I.

At this time in my life kids are grown and gone, their lives are being lived as was mine and ours to busy and full of their own needs to take time out for others and I fully understand without reprehension. But the one thing I did not figure on was getting reacquainted with the one person that stood by me all those working years, my wife.

For so long it was a day to day ritual, do this do that at this time on this day everyday, all days. Now that is gone and I look at this person that has stood by me and revel in how much I neglected to tell her how important she was during those years. How much I took for granted and how little I understood the day to day happenings in my own household.  

In these so called 'Twilight Years" I/we have left with one another I can only hope I apply as much effort and thought that I did with my career to re establishing a life with my #1 Friend, my wife Linda. For without her all this would have been meaningless but with her all becomes joyful, fulfilling and gives me a new light a new beginning and I can only pray for the good Lord's help in doing what I now realize I should have been doing all a long.

So begins a new chapter in my life.............

Ben McCune 07/10/2019


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