Daisy's litter June 2020

Daisy's litter  due soon

Rusty and Daisy

Daisy's litter is due 2nd week of June but it maybe earlier the way she is looking. Make sure you visit the litter section of the website for information, it is updated as it happens here so is the best place to visit to see what is going on.

She usually has a mix of Blue Merle's and Tri Blacks. Her and Rusty put out some fine pups. Rusty weighs in right at 70 lbs. while Daisy's weight is right at 55 lbs. Puppies depending on sex are usually around the same. Yes there are usually blue eyed pups in the litter but as with Aussie's that is a unknown factor until they are at least 4 weeks old as their eye color can and does change before that.

Again see the website HoneyCreek Aussies Litter Section for more information prior to contacting us, my bet is your answer is there. Pricing posted once pups are born.


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