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Current News from HoneyCreek Australian Shepherds

Rusty and Ruby's Litter May 2018 Ruby had her first litter May 10th 2018 though she was confused and scared she did very well during the process. Linda and I stayed with her throughout the delivery help and giving her as much comfort as we could. She originally had 12 pups 2 of which where very tiny and did not make it through the night but 10 so far are doing well. I as well as Linda where totally amazed at her having 12 pups her first go around though I wish all could have made it 12 was just to many for her or any new mother to handle.
So as of right now this posting May 13th 2018 we have 10 puppy's new to our household. The count goes as follows:
Red Tri's 2 Males4 FemalesBlack Tri's 1 Male3 Females They are all very gorgeous, the Red Tri's have beautiful coloring, the Blacks wonderful markings.
Though the picture does not do justice it is litter pictures, individual pictures will come once their eyes open in about 2 weeks.

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