All Puppy's are now Adopted

Well it has been a challenge having 18 puppy's around here but as of this posting they have either all went to their new Forever homes or are awaiting pickup by their new Moms and Dads.

But the Nest is now empty for a while anyway. Ruby is expecting her litter sometime the first of August so we have a month before hers comes our way.

We have meet some wonderful people, heard some great and some sad stories of their homes, kids, families and past friends. How we always hate to hear the stories of departed friends whether human or animals but it is apart of life and we all go forward afterwards in our own ways.

I could go on and on about the people and their adopted Aussies from us like Linda a very nice lady who was looking for a new friend. Found Rosie soon after she was born. Visited us every other week to hold and be apart of Rosie's life early on. Impressed me of the love she showed this little furry animal that was going to be apart of her life hopefully for a long time.

Or the couple from middle Kansas, Butch and Leanne that wanted a little girl to help them around the farm. So thrilled in finding their new friend. Then a couple days later calling me about another pup in the litter they where at the time having trouble deciding which to adopt asking me if she was still available. Coming back here and picking her up as well as another in total 3 brand new friends.

Maybe it  was Laura that traveled here from Massachusetts to pickup up her new boy Jester with a big smile on her face while holding him. 

No it was all of them how took time from their busy lives to take a moment and visit us. To allow us a brief entry into their lives and to let a puppy kiss their face bringing a smile to all. It is with the deepest thanks from Linda and I we give to one and all wishing nothing but the best for you, yours and your new friends..... Thank You one and All.....

Ben and Linda McCune
HoneyCreek AKC Standard Australian Shepherds....


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