Rusty and Ruby's Litter is Here

Rusty and Ruby

Born: 01/01/2019 HoneyCreekAussies Red Ruby and Prince Rusty litter has arrived. Ruby had 9 Tri pups, NO MERLE'S. It is very early but appears we have 6 Tri-Blacks and 3 Tri-Reds. She had a hard delivery just would not calm down but all came through it OK in the end and now all are doing very well. We where kind of worried for a while as we just could not get her to calm down she was just very excited but as it happens maybe we where the one's overly excited, she did fine.

Pups are nice and fat have not weighed them or sexed them yet just wanted everyone (including us) to have a night of peacefulness as best as possible before we mess with them. So more information will come later on this week when all has settled down.
 As said Sex and more information will come this weekend. Litter Picture as well, NO individual pictures posted at this early stage (starts when eyes open, 14 days). Keep watching the website for more information. Visitation for picking your pups will start 01/08/2019. No Matter Color Or Sex pricing will be $750.00 Full Rights.


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