Ms. Dixie Doodle

Dixie is getting big, her due date is September 14th but not sure she will make it to that date as her milk bags are already starting to form with 2 weeks to go. I think it will be close probably about a week but as it is her first litter just never know.

Dixie is a natural bobbit Aussie meaning born without a tail, with Marble eye color and a beautiful Red Merle coat, absolutely gorgeous Aussie. She has a great ancestor line up coming from Irongate stock with FairOaks and Legacy stock as well.

Breed with Lord Riely who also has a wonderful lineage line up on his side, lot's of Champions on both sides. Lord Riely coming from great stock like BriarBrook's and others. These pups should be wonderful in color, temperament, attitude and all aspects.

I can hardly wait to see the pups, hope Mother Nature is on her side as well as ours they just ought to be supreme pups, we shall see. Not long now....


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