Dixie's litter is down to 3 pups left

Well our puppies never last long but so far this has been one of the fastest litters to find their new forever homes. We are excited for our pups and their new lifetime friends. One of the families came our way to pay a visit to us and their new puppy this past Saturday and I am not sure 100% who was more excited Mom or the kids, thinking Mom was myself. I never get tired of seeing smiling faces, grins ear to ear when they hold their puppy for the 1st time it is just wonderful to be able to be a part of that moment in time.

But on to the remaining 3 from the litter, 2 boys and a girl all 3 Red Tri's and absolutely gorgeous. Here are a few pictures please visit the litter section for more information about them it is the place for the most current information on what pups we have available.





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